Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

PBI can handle all or as much of the billing process that you desire.  Our solution is completely flexible. From the moment a patient enters your practice, we begin the time-tested process of seeing that you get paid for the services you provide.  Nothing is left to chance; each claim will be handled by PBI’s experienced team of billing professionals until it is resolved.

PBI’s team of Certified Coding Professionals is at your disposal.  From a random coding question, to a review of codes sent over from the client, our coding professionals are ready to serve your needs.  Our “claims scrubber” will enhance the likelihood that a “clean” claim will be filed on the first attempt.

Our experienced team of professionals will continually analyze your Accounts Receivable to ensure that your A/R is being managed properly.

Monthly management reports will be made available to help you better understand your practice’s performance.  Customized reports are available upon request.  Utilizing PBI’s Reporting Tool, we are able to report on the minutest of details within your practice.  Also available are client-specific “dashboards” of pre-determined reports, customized to meet your needs.  Included in this is ad-hoc reporting capabilities utilizing data which is cached on a nightly basis.

Practice Management Services

PBI offers comprehensive Practice Management Services which include dealing with your practice’s every-day needs to strategic management challenges.  Basic financial services include payroll, payroll tax filings, accounting/bookkeeping, accounts payable, and financial statements while practice management services include coordination of benefits (business insurances, health insurance, malpractice insurance, disability coverage, retirement plans, etc.), physicians buy-ins/buy-outs, budgeting and cash flow forecasting, physician income distribution, contract negotiations and much more!  Our Management Team at PBI has provided Practice Management Services to practices throughout the country for more than 20 years!


PBI recognizes that the job of keeping providers credentialed with all of the various payers has become an overwhelming task.  Due to the ever-growing complexities of the credentialing process, PBI maintains a full-time, experienced credentialing staff, including degreed professionals, whose sole focus is to ensure our clients’ revenue stream is not interrupted.

Revenue Recovery Review

PBI offers an on-site revenue recovery review for physician practices. We have a proven track record of success where we have recovered thousands (even millions) of dollars in Lost Revenue. Included in this review is the following: Charge Capture Analysis, Fee Schedule Review, ICD / CPT Coding Review, A/R and Detail Account Review, Evaluate Denials and Rejections, Evaluate Current Billing Work-Flow to Evaluate Efficiency and Key Metrics Analysis, and evaluation of your current billing system technology. At the conclusion of our detailed analysis, PBI will provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations.