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Billing and Accounts
Receivable Management

PBI can handle all or as much of the billing process that you desire. Our solution is completely flexible.

Billing Solutions

PBI is a proven leader for over 30 years in providing Medical Billing Services (alternatively, Revenue Cycle Management Services). PBI subscribes to the philosophy that there is no “one-size fits all” approach in the medical billing industry. Each medical practice is unique which is why PBI’s solution is flexible. Our leadership team has spent their combined 90+ years in the business proving to our clients that our goal is to offer a solution that is in the client’s best interest.

From the moment a service has been provided to a patient, we begin the time-tested process of collecting for the services you provide.  PBI’s differentiators from other solutions in our industry are our experienced team of billing professionals that work diligently on our clients’ behalf.

PBI’s technology solutions are robust and provide the level of sophistication that our clients expect. From our advanced billing software to our detailed analytics reporting technology, PBI stays in step with the best in class. While we believe that technology is important, we also know that it has its limits. Our approach is the time-honored blend of technology plus real hands-on management, despite the trends in our industry.

PBI also recognizes that the job of keeping providers credentialed has become an overwhelming task.  Due to the ever-growing complexities of the credentialing process, PBI maintains a full-time, experienced credentialing staff to provide this important service to our clients.

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